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Ice Nettle Leaf Tea

Don’t let this normally prickly plant scare you! The nettle leaves actually don’t prick you after they have been dried! The dried nettle leaf is perfect for making nettle tea, which is known for its refreshing, rooty, and slightly bitter taste. All you need is some nettle leaf, water, and a strainer!

Native to Europe, Asia, Northern Africa, and North America, Nettle is now grown across the world and has been used as a home remedy for centuries.

Anthony’s Organic Nettle Leaf is Gluten Free, Non-GMO and cut and sifted for your perfect cup of tea. It can also be used to make pesto, pasta, soup, tea, bread, dips, and many other dishes!

Nettle Iced Tea
  1. Combine the tea and water into a french press or other tea maker. Allow the tea to steep for 15-20 minutes. Discard leaves by straining. Add the ice cubes to a glass & pour the tea over top & enjoy!

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