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Reconstituted Buttermilk

No Bake

Do you ever need buttermilk and don't want to go to the store to buy it? Or don't want to buy a big jug of it? This buttermilk powder will be your new best friend. Just keep a bag of this in your pantry. 

We have some fun recipes using this buttermilk powder. One of them is buttermilk pancake recipe that is super tasty. How do you plan to use this buttermilk powder?

Reconstituted Buttermilk


  • 4 T Anthony’s Goods Buttermilk Powder
  • 1 cup water


  1. Place the water into a bowl and add the buttermilk powder.
  2. Whisk the powder into the water until mixed thoroughly and no clumps remain.
  3. Use the buttermilk as needed.
Serves: 1 cup of buttermilk
Total time: 2 minutes

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