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I just ordered your product, and am super excited! How long will it take to arrive? 

We are excited too! It usually takes about 7-10 days for you to receive your package.

Why is the nutritional information on your products based on 100 grams?

At Anthony’s, most of our nutritional info is based on a 100 gram serving size, where as most other brands are based on a much smaller serving size. 

We do this to be transparent about the actual nutrition details of our food. We are asked pretty consistently, why we list out to 100 grams. Here is an example of what happens when you go down in serving size, from Wikipedia: “Tic Tac weighs just under 0.5 g. Since US federal regulations state that if a single serving contains less than 0.5 g of sugars it is allowable to express the amount of sugar in a serving as zero, and since a single serving of Tic Tacs is a single Tic Tac, Tic Tacs are [legally] labeled in the US as containing zero sugar.” 

Nuts, isn’t it! Even though the first ingredient in a Tic Tac is sugar! 

Most brands don’t go as far as Tic Tac’s to make their ingredients opaque, that’s why if you divide the data from our nutritional info to match another brands serving size, the data would be nearly identical.

Also, since most of our products are base ingredients, there is no real recommended serving size, just what your recipe calls for, which is why we try to make the nutritional data as honest as possible.

Sorry if this has caused any confusion, but hope our transparency has made you trust our brand just a little more.

I see your product says that it is gluten free, is it really gluten free?

Yes, it is! We actually go above and beyond most certification requirements and batch test before each run to ensure the products you receive are gluten free.

Can I order in bulk?

Yes! All items have a bulk option, with discounting and shipping included right on our site! Here is an example of bulk pricing on our Arrowroot.

Can I pick up my product directly from your warehouse?

Unfortunately, we do not have a pickup option at our warehouse. However the good news is shipping is included in our pricing on our website and Amazon.com

Do you ship outside the USA?

Sorry Canadians! (and people from other countries), we do not currently ship our goods outside of the ol’ US of A.

I see your product is out of stock? Is it coming back soon?

Yes! We are working hard to get it back in stock. Usually this happens with new items as we (sometimes) are not able to correctly gauge the demand. Also, it happens (again, sometimes) with other items if we have a specific farmer/producer who’s product and quality we like and won’t compromise on. So please, bear with us!