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Granular Citric Acid: A Natural Food Preservative

$ 12.99

About Our Granular Citric Acid

  • New! Anthony's Citric Acid Granules - Is the GRANULAR form of our popular citric acid.
  • Some customers have asked for granular citric acid instead of powder, so we did it!
  • Not a product of China, made in Europe - it's just pure citric acid GRANULES, no other added ingredients or sweeteners.
  • Lots of uses - perfect for candies, canning, bread recipes, jarring, and more!
  • Food grade granules that can be used as a natural preservative to keep fruits looking fresh. Works great as a cleaning solution for hard water deposits.

Product Description

Citric Acid Granules - Natural cleaner, preservative, and more!

It seems like a humble ingredient, but citric acid is actually, in our opinion anyway, one of the most versatile substances out there! It’s a great natural food preservative, it’s great for making homemade bath bombs, and it’s even a great cleaning product! Our citric acid granules is the GRANULAR form of citric acid so it dissolves well.

Natural Food Preservative

Forget dousing fruit in lemon juice; dissolve a couple teaspoons of citric acid granules in about 8 ounces of water and use the solution to keep produce from browning.

Good for Cleaning

Keep your house sparkling naturally with our citric acid. Use to remove limescale buildup: Mix citric acid with some water, spray on limescale and let sit; then wipe! You can also use a water and citric acid solution for countertop, floor, and bathroom cleaning.

Natural Ingredient for Skincare

Citric acid is great for making bath bombs and as a natural preservative in homemade lotion. As a bonus, it can help unclog pores and may be good for acne.

Cooking Ingredient

Our citric acid can help keep canned tomatoes firm and can help set homemade jams and jellies. You can add it to bread for a sourdough taste. You can even add a tiny bit to meat for more flavor.

This product is derived from the molasses of beet and cane sugars.


WARNING: California’s Proposition 65

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