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Dry Malt Diastatic Powder: Vegan Friendly & Non-Irradiated

$ 12.99

About Our Dry Malt Diastatic Powder

  • Diastatic Old Fashioned Dry Malt Powder in a 1.5-lb. Resealable Bag
  • Made from Malted Barley Flour, Dextrose and Wheat Flour
  • Non Irradiated and Vegan-Friendly
  • Helps to create a strong rise and golden brown crust.
  • Made in the USA, 60 Degree Lintner

Product Description

Sooooo, what is Dry Malt Powder (Diastatic)?

Anthony's Diastatic malt is a free flowing powder, providing a combination of sweetness and enzymatic activity, which results in creating an appealing golden brown crust color to baked goods.

Adding our Dry Malt Powder to your baking recipe allows more starches to be broken down into sugars, which yeasts can then use as food during a prolonged dough process, resulting in an enhanced rise. This extra sugar also helps in promoting a golden brown crust through caramelization, which might otherwise be lacking in a slow processed dough.

Anthony's Dry Malt Powder is derived from malted barley flour, and combined with dextrose and wheat flour. Sourced and packed within the USA, our non irradiated and vegan friendly diastatic is perfect for baking applications such as rolls, buns, sweet doughs, and breads.

Oh, and it's Old Fashioned, like when the whole family is at the dinner table about to start a meal, and grandpa walks in, and just stares at all of us at the table, then we we ask him to sit down, and he doesn't move a muscle, just continues to stare at the table. "Is there something the matter gramps?" Silence. This is strange, is he alright? Then, slowly, he raises his hand, and disdainfully gestures at Steven, who is sitting at the head of the table. No words. Just the hand gesture. Everyone goes quiet and turns to Steven. Did Steven do something? Did we not notice? Steven looks at grandpa, looks at us, looks around, confused as we are. He then looks at the chair, and timidly stands up. Grandpa ends his stoic campaign, walks over to his proper position at the head of the table, all while glaring at Steven. He takes his chair, sits down gracefully, and turns to Steven and says "...better."

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