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Premium Pink Curing Salt #1: Batch Tested & Verified Gluten-Free

$ 13.99

About Our Premium Pink Curing Salt #1

  • Pink salt containing 6.25% Sodium Nitrite for curing meats
  • Goes by lots of different names such as "Pink Salt", "Quick Cure", "Curing Salt #1" or "Instacure #1"
  • Enough to cure hundreds of pounds of meat, Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Perfect for curing/preserving sausages, white fish, salami's, all types of bacon and more!
  • For proper use, take 1 oz. of pink salt #1 per 25 lbs. of meat - it is important to use the proper amount

Product Description

You might think to be a chameleon, because of the color you ask? No. Absolutely not. John, sit down, no more questions. We've been in the food game a while, and never have we seen a product with so many names. Here are just a few of the different names this product goes by:

Prague Powder #1, Instacure #1, Insta-Cure #1, Cure #1, Speed Cure, Fast Cure, Quick Cure, Sure Cure, Pink Curing Salt #1, DQ Curing Salt, Legg Cure, Modern Cure, Witt's Cure, Heller's Cure, Curing Salt, LEM Cure... and more! Geeze louize - that is a lot on names. Pick up some of Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1 today and get curing! Product is Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free.

Pink Curing Salt #1, also known as Prague Powder #1 or InstaCure #1, is generally used to wet-cure any type of meat that requires cooking before consumption. Use Anthony’s Pink Curing Salt to preserve and wet-cure cooked meats like ham, salami, sausage, jerky, fish, and bacon. As a curing agent, this salt serves to inhibit bacterial growth and helps to maintain meat flavor and appearance.

Directions: It is recommended to use 1 level tsp for every 5 pounds of meat or 1 oz. for every 25 lbs. of meat. For wet brining, use a noncorrosive container such as plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Simply mix the salt and any other preferred spices with cold distilled water and completely submerge the meat. Use 1 quart of brine for every 4-6 pounds of meat. Always cure the meat in the refrigerator and turn or flip it once or twice daily in order to cure evenly. Do not stack meat slabs or use the same brine more than once. Curing time depends on the type of meat being cured. We recommend you follow your recipe precisely.

 Warning: Pink Curing Salt #1 contains Sodium Nitrite which can be toxic when not used in the recommended proportions. Too much or too little Pink Curing Salt #1 can adversely affect health, taste, and food quality. The distinct pink color is used to differentiate this cure from other salts. This curing salt is not to be used in place of table salt.


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