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Premium Pink Curing Salt #1: Batch Tested & Verified Gluten-Free

$ 13.99

About Our Premium Pink Curing Salt #1

  • Pink salt containing 6.25% Sodium Nitrite for curing meats
  • Goes by lots of different names such as "Pink Salt", "Quick Cure", "Curing Salt #1" or "Instacure #1"
  • Enough to cure hundreds of pounds of meat, Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Perfect for curing/preserving sausages, white fish, salami's, all types of bacon and more!
  • For proper use, take 1 oz. of pink salt #1 per 25 lbs. of meat - it is important to use the proper amount

Product Description

You might think to be a chameleon, because of the color you ask? No. Absolutely not. John, sit down, no more questions. We've been in the food game a while, and never have we seen a product with so many names. Here are just a few of the different names this product goes by:

Prague Powder #1, Instacure #1, Insta-Cure #1, Cure #1, Speed Cure, Fast Cure, Quick Cure, Sure Cure, Pink Curing Salt #1, DQ Curing Salt, Legg Cure, Modern Cure, Witt's Cure, Heller's Cure, Curing Salt, LEM Cure... and more! Geeze louize - that is a lot on names. Pick up some of Anthony's Pink Curing Salt #1 today and get curing! Product is Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free.

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