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Fennel Seeds: Organic & Gluten Free

$ 10.00

About Our Organic Fennel Seeds

  • USDA Organic Fennel Seeds
  • Batch Tested and Verified Gluten Free
  • Product of India, Packed in California
  • Whole Raw Seeds, Vegan, Non-GMO, All Natural
  • Great for Dry Rubs, Spice Blends, Homemade Breads, Cookies, Teas & More!

Product Description

Fennel Seeds are a spice with a warm, licorice-like flavor that is similar to anise seed, making them a perfect addition to both sweet and savory dishes. Part of the carrot family, fennel seeds derive from the fennel plant. These plants were originally native to the areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, but are now found throughout the world.

Our Organic Fennel Seeds can be used whole or ground up. If you choose to use it whole, be sure to crack the seeds slightly to release the fragrant oils. Anthony’s Organic Fennel Seeds add subtle sweetness in a sausage, dry meat rubs & marinara sauce. They can also be used in spice blends, homemade breads, cookies as well as teas!

Anthony’s Organic Fennel Seeds are all natural, raw, Vegan and Non-GMO.



WARNING: California’s Proposition 65


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