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Pea Protein Powder: Vegan Friendly, Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

$ 15.99

About Our Pea Protein Powder

  • Yellow Pea Protein Isolate from Germany
  • Vegan Friendly, Contains 84% Protein Content
  • Natural Plant Based Protein Source
  • Unflavored and Unsweetened & Excellent for Powdered Blends
  • Certified Gluten-Free & Non-GMO

Product Description

Well engineered automobiles, Oktoberfest, Johann Sebastian Bach, Anthony's Pea Protein. Of course we are talking about famous things to come out of Germany!

Our Pea Protein, sourced from Deutschland, is made wholly from raw yellow peas. No artificial additives or synthetic flavorings are found in Anthony's Pea Protein, as the only ingredient (peas) results in a powder that consists of roughly 84% protein content per serving! Yellow peas are the preferred source for pea protein, as yellow peas are naturally higher in protein (roughly 20%) compared to sweet peas (5%).

Derived from a plant based source, our Pea Protein is vegan friendly, and Batch Tested and Verified Gluten-Free.

Lastly, for those Amino Acid buffs (no pea protein pun or onomatoPoEiA intended), the Amino Acid content consists of the following per 100 grams:

Alanine: 3.5 grams
Arginine: 7 grams
Aspartic acid: 9.21 grams
Cysteine: 0.82 grams
Glutamic acid: 13.29 grams
Glycine: 3.36 grams
Histidine: 2.16 grams
Isoleucine: 4 grams
Leucine: 6.9 grams
Lysine: 6.29 grams
Methionine: 0.79 grams
Phenylalanine: 4.78 grams
Proline: 3.56 grams
Serine: 4.4 grams
Threonine: 3.18 grams
Tryptophan: 0.7 grams
Tyrosine: 3.3 grams
Valine: 4.31 grams


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