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Heavy Cream Powder: Gluten-Free

$ 14.99

About Our Heavy Cream Powder

  • High Quality Heavy Cream Powder
  • Anthony’s Brand contains 72% butterfat
  • Great rich flavor to make your sauces creamier!
  • Certified Gluten-free, GMO free
  • Made in the USA - Also known as Dehydrated Sweet Cream Powder

Product Description

Heavy cream is like heavy metal. Now I know what you are thinking, there is no way you are going to make the connection buddy. It's not gonna happen, pal. No go, friend. No chance, amigo. Can't do it, compadre. Well, do you want to make some heavy cream? Well, my heavy rock friend, you can use an ELECTRIC whisk, similar to an ELECTRIC guitar! BOOM THERE IT IS! THE CONNECTION TO HEAVY ROCK! Oh I bet you thought I couldn't do it. Well you doubter you, I did it and ohhhh how sweet it feels to have this heavy weight lifted from my shoulders.

Okay so seriously, here is the formula to make the heavy cream, use an electric whisk, a ratio of 1:2 and mix thoroughly (for one cup of heavy cream use 1/2 cup heavy cream powder to one cup water)! Then leave the mixture overnight in the fridge to yield your desired amount of heavy cream!

Also known as Dehydrated Sweet Cream Powder.

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