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Pink Curing Salt #2: Premium Slow Cure Prague Powder

$ 12.99

About Our Pink Curing Salt #2

  • 2lbs of Cure #2 Pink Prague Powder
  • Use for long slow cures of meet (weeks to months)
  • Ideal for Hard Salami, Country Ham and other meats
  • Contains 4% Sodium Nitrate and 6% Sodium Nitrite
  • Perfect for meats that do not require cooking/smoking/canning

Product Description

Pink Curing Salt #2, often referred to Prague Powder #2, is the go-to salt to use for curing your long cure meats. Our #2 cure is often used for dry cures like Hard Salami, Pepperoni and Country Ham. Additionally, our #2 cure is great for meats that do no require canning, cooking or smoking, as the sodium nitrate slowly breaks down into sodium nitride, and eventually into nitric oxide to cure the meat over an extended period of time (weeks to months depending on your specific meat).

We recommend mixing 1 teaspoon of Anthony’s Pink Cure #2 with every 5lbs of meat. The length of time to cure varies by the type of meat you are curing, as such as recommend following your favorite recipe for the meat you will be curing.

“My favorite curing salt, and trust me, I know a lot about curing.” —Marie Curie


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